dearest thursday: clog love


lately all my favorite shoes happen to be clogs, and all these featured clogs are shoes that i own. i wasn’t always a “clog” person— i wore dr. scholl’s sandals in college but they’re not clogs per se. i’ve warmed up to them in the past couple of years because i’ve realized they’re very comfortable and cute in their own chunky way. plus, any shoe you can stand in for hours is a darn good shoe.

for my birthday, i kind of want silver clogs. i know what you’re thinking— silver clogs?! you crazy cat! but you’ve got me all wrong. i’m a crazy pug.

  • kaysa (top): i bought these as part of my “clog christmas” along with the tan ones from lotta. the neutral leather is beautiful. did you know jessie of loeffler randall went to school in virginia? of course i love her line.
  • ori: the geometric cutouts on these shoes are fabulous. they haven’t made their blog debut yet.
  • lotta: when you think of swedish clogs, these tan cuties by lotta from stockholm come to mind. lotta is based in england but all her shoes are handmade in sweden.
  • gloria: i’ve worn these wedges in multiple outfit posts because i sport them often to school. even though the wedge is high, i haven’t fallen yet (and i work with little ones). let’s attribute it to good balance and luck.

tell me about your favorite clogs!

collage by me. images via amazon and shoebacca.

the picks | kaysa by loeffler randall | ori by miista | lotta from stockholm | gloria by bed stu