lovely tuesday: the little things

movies and books can’t help but equate love to grand gestures: the chasing of trains, the trails of rose petals, the impulsive cross-country flights. our hearts swell just thinking about a hero (or heroine) who takes a leap of faith in the name of love accompanied by a perfect soundtrack.

but love also means little things. i don’t think love could survive without sweet notes, presents just because, or car ride sing-alongs. in honor of valentine’s day, here are the little things important to our family.

  • buy a box or bag of each other’s favorite candy. don’t eat it! put it by a frequented place (ex. desk or sink) and pretend you have no idea where it came from.
  • hold hands when someone’s mad (usually me). it’s difficult to stay angry when michael squeezes my fingers.
  • send a lunchbag note. make sure it’s really embarrassing.
  • dance to silly songs and get the words wrong.
  • listen up and then really listen. everyone multitasks nowadays. put down the mouse, dishes, or phone for a few minutes and let your partner share a story or vent a frustration.
  • appreciate each other. it could be a simple “thank you” for taking the recycling out or getting dinner ready.
  • say i love you whenever you want. for me, it’s often. there aren’t any rules for it unless you’ve been sitting outside of ryan gosling’s house for days. then that might be creepy.

do you have any little things to add to the list?