little tin soldier is a modern tale of art meets girl— a lifestyle blog that dares me to draw (almost) every day.

you can sponsor little tin soldier in several ways:

  1. product review. if you have a cute and fun product, i can review it for my readers.
  2. collaboration. if you are the owner or representative of a brand or retailer, we can work together to create a sponsored post such as a product placement, DIY craft, or shopping collage. we can also collaborate on an event or photo shoot.
  3. custom illustration. i can create an exclusive illustration of a paper doll or similar request for your brand or business.
  4. featured recipe. if you own or represent a grocery or food company, we can work together to create a sponsored post using your items.

our partnership benefits you in several ways, too!

  • quality exposure. little tin soldier is a cozy blog (5000+ tumblr followers and 800+ bloglovin’ followers) with a style saavy, loyal audience. two-thirds of my readers are returning visitors.
  • professionalism. i understand that you are choosing my blog as a medium to promote your product or service. our shared goal is achieving positive results or feedback from the partnership. out of courtesy, i will not run sidebar advertisements from brands that directly compete with your business during your contracted time period.
  • aesthetics. as a former art director, i ensure that little tin soldier will always be impeccably designed.

if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please e-mail me for rates, detailed visitor statistics, and additional information. i look forward to working with you!

*i reserve the right to decline a sponsorship if your product or service does not compliment the mission and style of little tin soldier. if i don’t like it, love it, use it, or own it, i will not feature it.

*little tin soldier does not accept any guest posts or sponsored posts with copy written by other authors and/or photographs taken by other photographers than my husband or myself. an exception is made only for family and friends. thank you for respecting my wishes.