dearest thursday: chris parker

last year i began watching all of my favorite 80’s movies partly out of boredom and partly out of curiosity. i wanted to see if my affection for these films remained the same as an adult. i came to the conclusion that ferris bueller is kind of a jerk and teenage mutant ninja turtles is terrible (though i loved it as a kid).

but i still harbored warm feelings for adventures in babysitting. chris parker (played by elisabeth shue) is a sweet girl-next-door who deserves an honorable frat boy. plus her trademark wardrobe of a long camel coat and bright pink sweater wouldn’t be out of place today.

the whole plot is cheesy with its chop shop crooks and her tween charges, but it makes you smile. it makes you root for her. and it definitely makes you envious of her perfect hair.

collage by me. images via amazon, j.crew, boden, madewell, and net-a-porter.

the picks | cubs hat | j.crew sweater | paige jeans | boden jacket | vans shoes

dearest thursday: miniature dolls


my handbags range from obnoxiously big (the pendleton tote) to decently sized (a minkoff bag) to quite small. today i celebrate the little guys— they’re the ones that run with you to the grocery store, gas station, or dinner party with your most important belongings like a license, lipstick, phone, or handful of quarters.

i searched high and low for the cutest of the cute, the quaintest of the quaint. the fox is my favorite but i like the triangles on the herschel wallet, too. are you keen on pint-sized purses?

collage by me. images via need supply, amazon, fossil, and nordstrom.

the picks | star clutch | geometric wallet | fox purse | book clutch

dearest thursday: loop de loop


it’s scarf hunting season, and infinity scarves abound. a few years ago, i only saw them in solid, neutral colors. now you can find them in every shade under the sun with patterns to boot. slip one over a sweater, tee, or jacket to add a little panache to your outfit.

my favorite scarf in the collage is the printed one because it reminds me of my pendleton bag. but i’ll take any giant scarf any day. i like big scarves and i cannot lie. you, too, am i right?

collage by me. images via anthropologie.

the picks | geometric | striped | color-blocked | heathered

dearest thursday: jacket and jill


while summer lingers in my part of texas, most of my friends in other states bundle up in sweaters, jackets, and coats. i can’t wait for the temperature to drop to the 50’s. i’ll even take the 60’s out of desperation.

i bought the olive green parka from need supply recently. need supply is a cool store located in my hometown and they carry a great mix of high and low items. i had a difficult time choosing a coat but i settled for a jacket with a hood to protect my face on windy days at recess.

isn’t the southwestern print coat the best? please buy it for yourself (or for me).

collage by me. images via need supply.

the picks | southwestern coat | green parka | grey coat | wrap jacket (sold out)

dearest thursday: easy as ABC


i meant to share these last week! of all the retro trends coming back in style, monograms run straight to my heart. i always appreciate a cute letter in written, digital, knit, or 3-D form.

when my brain freezes on gift ideas, i turn to monograms. they make a simple mug, notebook, or keychain a little more personal. anthropologie always offers a ton of monogrammed pieces; the blouse and sweater would be charming presents for a friend or bridesmaid.

if you’re into minimal monograms, retailers like madewell, j.crew, and cuyana will emboss your initials onto leather. i’m tempted to order my own embossing kit to graffiti letters on all my bags, but the inner jiminy cricket says, “you better not!”

collage by me. images via anthropologie and madewell.

the picks | monogram sweater | letters | bag | monogram blouse

dearest thursday: A+ books


the first week of school always goes by in a flash; by friday afternoon i never believe five days have passed. we spend our time walking around the school, using supplies in simple activities, and listening to good stories.

i choose funny, relatable, and poignant books to read to my class throughout the year. kids love books that make them crack up, think outloud, or recall memories. i highly recommend these five books for your first week!

  • david goes to school by david shannon. david is a little boy who constantly finds himself in trouble. i love the moment at the end when he redeems himself.
  • skippyjon jones by judy schachner. skippyjon is a siamese cat who thinks he’s a chihuahua. the skippyjon series embraces the power of imagination.
  • yoko by rosemary wells. yoko brings a different lunch to school and feels lonely. this book is a great way to discuss tolerance and cultures.
  • will i have a friend? by miriam cohen. it’s an older book with the simple theme of making friends at school.
  • we are all like, we are all different. i own the “big” version of this book. it was written by a real kindergarten class! the book contains cute photographs and promotes diversity.

happy back-to-school!

collage by me. images via amazon.

dearest thursday: first day of cool


it’s back-to-school time again! if you’re a mom, teacher, or college student, august and september mean making a list and checking it twice. when i was little, my parents bought us new shoes and bookbags every year along with staples like socks, jeans, and various tops. i loved the way everything smelled like “school.”

as a teacher i end up buying more things for my classroom than myself. but i did purchase some pieces to remix with my closet like an oversized sweater and textured skirt and some shoes to wear everyday like low clogs. i think my mom would smile from afar and remind me to say, “cheese.”

if you’re heading back, too, have a great year!

the picks | madewell sweater | boden skirt | cuyana clutch and tote | loeffler randall clogs

dearest thursday: TxSC golden girls


today’s edition of dearest thursday is dedicated to five friends (old and new) from texas style council. i enjoy working our registration table because i get to know our sponsors and speakers. i would love to include them all, but these golden girls stuck out this year. click forth and check out these awesome women for yourself.

  • lulu*s has been with TxSC since 2011. they host our swap on friday night which entails transforming an empty storefront into a clothing store. stephanie and her team (tierney and kerrie) are hustlers! in less than two hours, our headquarters resembled a hip boutique, fooling many curious window shoppers.
  • moorea seal is a blogger and pinterest-master. she recently opened an online shop with beautifully curated goodies (like the gilded house). she is incredibly sweet and creative; she gave my registration team necklaces! moorea also stayed across the street from me with julie (of orchid grey) and chelsey (of the paper mama). they’re three fantastic ladies.
  • becky murphy is an illustrator extraordinaire in austin. she’s the epitome of cute and cool, and she has a book coming out in october!
  • manic trout is a jewelry line by austin designer sierra bailey. sierra’s pieces are radical. i browsed her booth at our prom party and wanted to buy everything especially her charm bracelets with animals.
  • megan (of greetings from texas) is a houston blogger that makes me grin when i see her. she’s got comedic chops, a spitfire personality, and a published memoir! i’m stalking amazon for the kindle release.

the picks | printed dress | birch house | becky’s book | dino bracelet | meg’s book

collage by me. images via lulu*s, moorea seal, amazon, and manic trout.

p.s. this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the aforementioned people. i just have a crush on them.

dearest thursday: there and back again


in elementary school, my dad bought me a few books from the school book fair. a few weeks later, i received a scolding from my parents for drawing and writing in them and— gasp—using scissors. i still feel a twinge of guilt every time i chop up a magazine or a perfectly good page from an old book, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

this summer i’m finally getting around to finishing the gallery wall in our living room. i played around with photos and illustrations only to return, time and time again, to maps. i love maps especially old ones. we already have a globe and two large maps, but the more the merrier.

i would happily chop up any of the items below for my project. well, i wouldn’t cut up the scarf. i just think it’s pretty cute— it has bluebonnets for texas!

collage by me. images via modcloth, anthropologie, and madewell.

the picks | longitude print set | travel journal | calendar | scarf

dearest thursday: the hair up there


i shamelessly rotate three hairstyles: frequently seen long and loose waves, classic ponytail, and good-grief-nothing-is-working top knot. on our wedding day, i plan on wearing my hair down (as usual) but maybe adding a headpiece.

i found these pretty headpieces at BHLDN. the four beauties are my favorites out of the entire collection, and they’re polar opposites. i like two traditional birdcage veils and two spectacular flower crowns.

you can also find headpieces on etsy and other sites. do you have any veils, crowns, or while we’re at it, royal ascot hats i should add to my wish list?

collage by me. images via BHLDN.

the picks / sainted sister veil / sancerre crown / bibi fascinator / mandevilla crown

dearest thursday: the raincoats are coming


in the summer, i feel like a full-time blogger mainly because school is closed and long evenings provide golden photo opportunities. but the raincoats are coming— every morning, every afternoon, and every night we’ve gotten sprinkles, showers, and storms.

last year, i gave our nephew the lizard-printed raincoat as a birthday present and subsequently never saw him in it. sometimes i think i am “that” person in a family who gives undesirable gifts. what’s not to love about a raincoat? especially one with a whimsical print?

so today i’ll share some of my favorite hatley pieces with you. they’re a canadian based company that specializes in stinkin’ cute childrens clothes. i can’t wait to dress my own kids in them.

the picks | lizard coat | dots coat | fire engine coat | umbrella (with pirate dogs!)

collage by me. images via 6pm. shop the official hatley store here.

this post is not sponsored or endorsed by hatley. i’m just hoping there are other “interesting” aunts like me out there.

dearest thursday: silk sophisticates


every couple of months, i receive emails from readers inquiring about silk blouses. when i moved to texas, i began buying more silk and cotton tops to help with the summer heat. as fashion editors say, natural fibers breathe. i wear them to school with skirts and on weekends with shorts or jeans.

my favorite blouses are equipment shirts, but at full-price, they are true investment pieces. however i occasionally find them at nordstrom rack or last call neiman marcus. equipment shirts fit beautifully; the blouses are tailored with elegant shoulders and bodies versus the stereotypical giant silk shirts from the 80’s and 90’s. the signature style is slightly oversized so size down. i wear an XS or S. equipment is known for solid colors but they also have stripes, dots, and quirky prints.

grechen (of grechen’s closet) highly recommends everlane blouses. the everlane line runs less than $100, and it offers similar colors to equipment. i saw her in an everlane blouse in april, and the fabric was a lovely weight and color. grechen notes that everlane blouses are more forgiving at the hipline.

i also own blythe blouses by j.crew. the silk is thinner, but they fit well. i wear a 2 or 4. plus, they have two flap pockets like the signature equipment blouses. the best part about j.crew is the promotions! you can usually find a blythe blouse on sale and sometimes with an additional discount.

do you wear silk blouses? what are some brands that you like?

collage by me. images via shopbop, everlane, and j.crew.

the picks | equipment blouse | everlane blouse | j.crew blouse

p.s. i planned on sharing this post with you yesterday, but i shot (or typed) myself in my own foot. i was thrilled about having our internet back and then it crashed again. on the bright side, a technician will visit over the weekend and hopefully solve our problem for good. sophie can’t wait to bark at him (or her).

dearest thursday: flat out


sometimes friends back east ask (sarcastically) if i wear boots in the spring and summer in texas. i usually reply with an indignant “no!” then “yeah” then “sometimes.”

but the majority of my warm weather days are spent in flats— flat sandals to be exact. this year, they’re showing up with simple ankle straps and darling details on the toes. you can wear them to work, to beach, to play, and to blog. that list sums up my summer activities.

i own three of the featured shoes (the ones from target and madewell); the coral boardwalks are my favorite.

the picks | mossimo lavada | mossimo lakitia | swedish hasbeens ornament and t-straps | madewell boardwalk | kimchi & blue daisy

dearest thursday: rekindled


i spent most friday afternoons of my childhood at the public library. my mom drove us there after school, and we were permitted to check out as many books as possible. i lived for fridays— we owned very few books in addition to an outdated set of encyclopedias and various dictionaries. borrowing library books felt like going on a great adventure.

my favorite authors included j.r.r. tolkien, eleanor estes, laura ingalls wilder, beverly cleary, and judy blume. when i grew older i read novels by toni morrison, john knowles, and amy tan over and over.

for my birthday, michael’s mom surprised me with a kindle, and that magical library feeling rushed back to my heart. i’m currently re-reading harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

i debated covering my kindle with gummy bears, but i opted for classic navy and white. what kind of cover do you use for your kindle or i-pad?

collage by me. images via amazon.

the picks | punchcase covers by leslie hsu | kindle covers by kate spade

dearest thursday: more wishes


this week i celebrated my birthday and michael asked for a small wishlist. i love wishes— my friends and i used to play the genie wishing game at school. it involved one simple question: if a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for? of course we replied, “more wishes!”

as an adult i still wish. we all should. of course, not every wish comes true. life wouldn’t be life if wishes were always real.

here are some cute things that didn’t make my birthday wishlist, but i ended up getting one of them anyway. can you guess which one it is?

collage by me. images via anthropologie and need supply.

the picks | pug locket | market bag | slingbacks | ring