lovely tuesday: meet henry


look who it is! henry is almost seven weeks old. on saturday morning we took him to the park by our house, and we snapped some quick pictures. he received lots of mama snuggles, and adventurous daddy climbed up the playset with him.

we often field this question: what’s it like now that you have a baby? it’s wonderful, frustrating, rewarding, and tear-jerking all at once. sometimes i feel like we’re on a kramer sleep schedule— during one seinfeld episode kramer sleeps for an hour and tries to stay up the rest of the day— and other times i feel like we can’t wait for henry to wake up from a nap. he’s in the smiling and cooing stage and it warms our hearts that he recognizes our voices and faces.

here are ten fun facts about our little boy:

  • we had a natural birth. i still can’t believe it!
  • henry was the only boy’s name on our baby name list.
  • sophie is not very interested in him.
  • his toes are a mirror image of his daddy’s toes.
  • his pediatrician reminds me a bit of ron swanson.
  • all his shoes are moccasins or boots.
  • he stretches his arms and legs like he is so tired.
  • his umbilical cord took forever to fall off!
  • NPR or the indie rock station put him to sleep.
  • he has beautiful brown eyes.

“see you soon!” says henry.


henry at 1 month


oh my goodness, can you believe it’s been a month since i became a mom? the experience has changed my life. my heart swells every time i look at our little boy— he has my eyes, daddy’s smile, long dark eyelashes, and a button nose. i love the way he purses his lips after drinking milk and the way he smiles when we show him toys. we’re on a priceless journey with this child!

each month i’ll share a letter to henry along with some keepsakes and memories. i’ll try and get back in the blogging routine soon— it seems like every time i get dressed i get covered in spit (or other liquids) right away. stay tuned next week for some photos! :o)

dear henry,

you are almost six weeks old and you have quickly become the sunshine in our lives. it seems like yesterday that you were a small six-pound boy sleeping in our very cold hospital room. i saved your cap and bracelet.

your hair is quite fine and we like to brush it with a hip peas brush. it’s super soft and mama jokes it’s made from pug hair. sophie doesn’t think that’s funny.

you were born with long fingernails. we covered them with little mittens because you accidentally scratched your own face at night. now that you’re bigger we trim your nails with baby scissors.

sometimes you like to chew on your soothie pacifier and study the ceiling in different rooms. the first time we gave you a bath, you hated it! you’re slowly warming up to them. we use burt’s bees shampoo and wash on your soft skin.

mama and daddy’s friends from all over the country sent you presents. the wooden texas rattle is from kelsey and eric williams. maybe one day you will meet their sweet rooney girl! mama bought you a few presents, too, like gem crayons and tiny minnetonka boots.

last week you had a high fever and we spent most of the night in the emergency room. you cried and cried and mama cried and cried (more than you did). the nurses dressed you in a tiny hospital gown. mama kept the gown as a memory of the pain and strength our family had that day.

we love you so much. M+D


lovely tuesday: 39 weeks


guess what? our child has proven the doctor wrong— i’m still pregnant! we’re ready, the house is ready, my body is ready, but he’s not ready. i think he wants to surprise us at any given moment. hopefully it will be a drawn-out surprise and not a quick one! his official due date is tomorrow. maybe we should buy one of those “over the hill” or “happy 40th” balloons to encourage him.

michael and i are very excited along with our friends and family but honestly there are moments where i have felt extremely irritated. fielding the same questions over and over, every day (how are you feeling? when are you due again? what did the doctor say? do you feel different from yesterday? are you having contractions? is the baby here yet?) annoy me! i know that these inquiries come out of care or curiosity toward the end, and it’s comforting to have a good network. at the same time i just want everyone to be calm and let us relax.

the weather was overcast during the week and i took advantage of it by wearing skirts and breezy peasant blouses. i packed some short sleeve onesies and a red elf cap for him to sport home. i kind of hope he’ll be born on a rainy day but they are few and far between. he’ll be born on a special day nonetheless. here’s to life, changing forever.


lovely tuesday: 38 weeks


the baby’s cooking! tomorrow will bring me a week closer to our official due date. my doctor still predicts an early appearance, so we’re on baby watch. i haven’t had any labor pains (maybe they’ve been too mild to notice) but she gave me permission to hightail it to the hospital when i feel consistent contractions. we’re nervous and excited; michael is probably more nervous because he’ll be the one rushing home from work to pick me up!

we had a busy week. on saturday we attended a car seat safety class and learned that we chose wisely with our britax system. the instructors helped us install the seat in my car. on the way home i kept looking back at it and michael said, “he’s not there yet, silly!”

on sunday i assembled our mamaRoo and breeze playard, both gifts from the 4moms team. let me tell you— they were incredibly easy to put together, so easy a pregnant woman at nine months can do it! i understand why jen and indiana love their breezes. we also bought more newborn diapers; they smell so nice. i think we’re ready for this boy. i hope we see his face sometime soon!


lovely tuesday: 37 weeks

this week was very relaxing with a few tiny hiccups. the baby’s nursery is almost done except for the twin/guest bed. the headboard won’t connect to the frame, and the mattress needs wooden slats. so we’ll be making a trip to lowes for different hardware and wood. i was hoping to share some photos of his room with you today— c’est la vie!

on saturday and sunday we went swimming. i was more nervous about getting in and out of the water than putting on a bathing suit; i’m not embarrassed to wear a two-piece with a big belly (though i did receive a questionable look or two). the water wasn’t too cold and we had a lot of fun swimming with super noodles. it amazes me how noodles keep people afloat. i wish we had gone to the pool more often this summer.

maybe it was all that swimming— i had a check-up today and the doctor thinks the baby will be here in a week and a half (or less). A WEEK AND A HALF! she told me to look out for contractions or water breaking. oh my goodness. we are extremely excited and nervous. my hospital bag is ready to go and i promise it’s not half-full of gummy bears (i wish it was).

in other news, i haven’t dreamt much lately. a couple of weeks ago i had a dream i left my purse in the rain, and last night the carters asked me to illustrate them. of course i said yes. who turns down beyoncé?


lovely tuesday: 36 weeks

the next month will be a waiting game! many doctors consider 37 weeks a “safe” time for a baby’s arrival; of course reaching full-term is preferred. i had a check-up today and he’s not ready to say hello yet. grow, baby, grow! the doctor was concerned about his fast heartbeat and they hooked me up to a non-stress test monitor (which probably made my heart go crazy). but he was just moving around and his heartbeat slowed down as he calmed down.

we took a childbirth class at the hospital. i expected it to be a lamaze kind of class, but the nurse thoroughly covered labor, relaxation and pain management techniques, delivery, and postpartum care. we watched five families’ birth stories and i realized that everyone’s experience is astonishingly different. sometimes you go in with a birth plan and it can fly out the window; sometimes everything happens just as you imagined. i learned that the most important thing about labor is meeting your little one in the safest manner for both of you, but his or her needs always come first.

today a huge box arrived at our house with a car seat and stroller. i’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for michael to get home and unpack them. we bought the britax travel system; it had good reviews and several coworkers recommended britax. i also found out jesse (of jesse coulter and austin moms blog) has the same system for her son turner, so if turner approves, our boy will be just fine. our wishlist continues to dwindle, and baby’s room is almost done. here’s to the last few weeks!

p.s. thanks to all of you who shared kind words or advice last week. i appreciate you ladies!


lovely tuesday: 35 weeks

common things i hear at this stage are “it’s almost time!” “the baby’s ready!” “soon you will be a mom!” and it takes all my willpower not to shake my head furiously like a child in denial. i am increasingly anxious and on occasion, scared out of my mind. we have a childbirth class later in the week that will hopefully calm my nerves.

the third trimester has brought a sense of hyper-awareness. i pay close attention to his movements and with my skin issues i am realizing how much my body has changed. i walk slowly and quite often sophie impatiently pulls me home. the belly grows along with my waistline and legs. i feel self-conscious and innocent comments like “you’ve gotten big since the last time i saw you!” and “are you hungry?” sting in a way they didn’t before.

i remind myself that every day and week is different. yes, some weeks i’ve felt happy and glowing. other weeks i’ve felt tired and down. some days i’ve felt beautiful and other days anything but. all these emotions are part of being pregnant, being a mom, and being a human.

i know deep in my heart that none of this will matter once we see his tiny face and wrinkly hands. oh, i cannot wait to look at you, but be a good boy and keep on baking.


lovely tuesday: 34 weeks


this week has been a whirlwind. michael and i toured the hospital on sunday and we saw tiny twins in the nursery! the nurses put them in the same bed and they snuggled together. the sight of them was very heartwarming. we took a breastfeeding class on monday evening; michael was a good sport because he met me after work and the instructor didn’t dismiss us until 9:30. today i had a check-up. our little boy is very active with a strong heartbeat.

i’ve been scratching my shoulders and legs at night. my doctor said pregnant women tend to be generally itchy but the office will run a test to make sure it isn’t anything serious. the hot weather doesn’t help either; i feel like i am perpetually frozen from the air conditioning or sweaty from the outdoors. for some strange reason i’m into jeans and tees lately. they’re fine for the mornings but terrible for the afternoons!

have you seen little knitty things? it’s an etsy shop by melanie (of une vie géniale, she used to blog at idée géniale). i bought the baby a red bedford cap and a brown bear cap. she also makes pom pom and tassel garlands. if you’re a mama, mama-to-be, or cute stuff lover, check out her collection!


lovely tuesday: 33 weeks

ahhh! seven more weeks to go! i’m feeling good this week. there are few things that several days of rest and homemade hot compresses can’t fix. on friday the french lost but i wasn’t sour for too long. michael built the crib and painted like a wonderful husband. i also ordered arrow decals for the baby’s room; i hope they look as good as i imagine!

in other baby news i’m sewing wall hangings for his room and figuring out where to store books and toys (wooden wall shelves, maybe). i hope that he grows up and loves his room because we’ve put our hearts in it! it’s slowly coming together, and i’ll share more soon.

we had dinner at arcade midtown kitchen awhile ago. the restaurant is home to a quirky zoltar machine similar to the one in the 1980’s movie, big. we didn’t visit for zoltar— the food was delicious— but as soon as we arrived home, i had to watch big. fast forward to sunday and i dreamt that we were at FAO schwarz and i could not find our baby. what a terrible dream! thanks a lot zoltar and tom hanks.


lovely tuesday: 32 weeks

hello! i meant to blog more often last week but i pulled a muscle in my leg and limped around for a few days. the doctor instructed me to “take it easy” and so i did. sophie and i watched the world cup matches, read real simple, and organized materials for my substitute teacher. i also managed to snag two things from the lauren moffatt online sample sale!

in my last update i mentioned the baby had hiccups; i can feel his hiccups once or twice a day now. i’m a little alarmed that he moves around constantly; i think he recently discovered how to roll. his kicks hurt occasionally, but he’s been a good boy (i.e. i’m not yelping in the grocery store yet).

the other day i thought about my summer wardrobe and i missed wearing shorts. it’s not too late to buy a pair or two. i find myself craving things i couldn’t possibly wear, too, like high-waisted denim skirts (i want this one) or shift dresses (hard to pull off with a growing bump). 

are you doing anything fun for fourth of july? i’ll be rooting for france, and michael will side with germany. we’ll probably build a crib and cook hot dogs. enjoy the holiday and and wear your american best. our team played so hard today; you’re my MVP tim howard!


lovely tuesday: 31 weeks

whew! i can cross another week off our calendar. week 31 had its ups and downs. weepy moments occurred a couple of times during this journey but i was all out of sorts this week. i worried about a lot of random things like going into labor at home to being a good mom to living away from our families to typing up eight weeks of lesson plans. and then i worried more because i was worrying and ended up feeling more anxious.

if i’ve learned anything over the last seven months, it’s that everything i feel or experience isn’t unusual. sometimes pregnant women are super happy and other times you know better than to mess with one. sometimes we might cry over spilt popcorn, or like me yesterday, not being able to paint my toenails.

in other news, we’re planning to use cloth diapers so if you have any brands or advice to share, please do! we will use pampers when he is born and later on when he goes to daycare (unless his center allows the cloth kind). i never thought i would write about diapers on the blog but hey, there’s a first time for everything!


lovely tuesday: 30 weeks


look, ma! we’ve made it to the thirties! i took the three hour glucose test last wednesday and i cannot tell you how glad i felt at the end! during the test i was tired, hungry, and nauseous all at once. ugh! but i wasn’t the only mama in the room; there were at least six of us doing the same thing. i’m happy to report that my results were normal.

we ordered our crib and i spent saturday cleaning and organizing the guest room. we store our winter coats and linens in that closet and i rearranged everything to make room for baby clothes and diapers and leave hanging space for guests. i couldn’t help but marvel at the size of newborn diapers. they are teeny tiny and smell like baby powder.

i got this crazy idea last week to paint thin arrows on the wall of his room— that didn’t get far. it is impossible to get a perfectly straight line. so i scrapped the project and i decided we’ll paint one of the walls dark blue. by “we’ll” i mean michael will paint and i will watch because we make a great team. :o)

stay tuned tomorrow for a cute nursery craft!


lovely tuesday: 29 weeks

i don’t usually say this, but i’m glad this particular week is almost over! on friday michael came to school and helped me pack up the classroom for the summer. i don’t know what i would have done without his help. towards the end of the day i felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and overcome with tears. it’s always difficult wrangling everything in the room into neat stacks and piles. it’s even harder with a little person inside of you and you’re constantly worrying if you’re overexerting yourself. fortunately we got everything squared away, and i dedicated the past few days to relaxing and more relaxing.

in other baby news, i failed the one hour glucose test by a few points, making a retake mandatory. i am kind of annoyed because i can’t eat before the next test and i hate getting my blood drawn! my score is also “normal” according to some offices but my doctor retests anyone who is a little (or a lot) over. after talking to friends and doing some research, i learned it isn’t unusual to fail the first test; about a quarter of women miss the cutoff score and find out they’re fine later. hopefully i’m fine, too.

i haven’t worn many maxi dresses during my pregnancy but now that it’s summer in texas (ridiculously hot), they’re on the top of my shopping list. i’m looking forward to a nice summer at home making crafts, blogging more often, and getting the house ready for our boy. i can’t wait to meet him!


lovely tuesday: 28 weeks

oh my goodness. i almost forgot to post a journal entry— school is winding down and i just realized it’s wednesday (not tuesday). our little boy’s movements are stronger and more consistent; i think he moves around the whole day now! i had a doctor’s appointment on monday and i took the famous glucose test (it checks for gestational diabetes). i explained it to michael as “drinking orange soda and sitting around for an hour.”

we also got spoiled (big time) with a wonderful care package from the team at 4moms. they sent us one of their awesome breeze pack and plays, taking one item off our baby gear list! we plan on using it in different rooms of the house to keep an eye on him as he naps, and later when he gets bigger, as he rolls and plays!

i feel huge lately. tonight i tried on some of my favorite dresses and they would not zip up due to my belly and expanding rib cage. doh! i may just spend the summer in any sort of stretchy clothes eating watermelon.


lovely tuesday: 27 weeks

hello there! i hope all of you had a happy memorial day. we spent most of the long weekend wrangling the baby’s room. his rug arrived on thursday and we found a dresser at pottery barn outlet on saturday. then i found a great headboard for a guest bed at pier 1 on a whim. i can’t believe our luck! we might have a “real” nursery by the end of the summer.

this week i fell asleep on the couch a few times. i’m getting things ready for the end of the school year and trying to prep materials for a sub during maternity leave. on top of that, kindergarteners are not easily convinced that they must go to first grade. they keep asking me, “but why?” and i reply, “next year i will have new friends!”

i had a cold for several days and sneezed constantly. fortunately the sneezes and the runny nose skipped town on saturday (maybe due to the massive amount of rain we got). i’ve been feeling better and the flowers in our yard look great, too. tomorrow marks the beginning of the third trimester. hooray!